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My desk, January 2013

My desk, January 2013

Annyeong! I’m posting from my studio in Seoul, where I’m based for a while. This is my current desk. See if you can spot the following:

1. My lucky caganer
2. A bubble maker
3. A biography of Robert Irwin
4. Thaumatropes (which have been mistaken for eye masks—yes I am in Korea!)
5. My English and Chinese names translated in Korean
6. Receipts, mostly from Etude House
7. A Post-It pad shaped like a heart
8. Chinese astrology for 2013 (I found it on the back of my bus ticket, which I found interesting.)
9. Something from SVA IxD
10. A Korean bank book

The first three people who can email me a photo with the above items encircled and guesses at least 6 correctly gets a postcard, stickers, and a poem specially written for them. Not kidding.

  1. Hi Catherine -I’m just doing a piece on desks and their special qualities. Your great photo of a new ready to go desk is a perfect example for an illustrator. Would it be OK to repost? (What is a thaumatrope? it sounds like a small marsupial..)

    • Hola! Sure thing; feel free to post and please link back to the blog entry. A thaumatrope is a toy that used to be popular during the Victorian times. I like it because it illustrates persistence of vision, which is a part of the bigger area of perception that I study. More info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thaumatrope (and it’s fun to make, too!)

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