Artist Statement

Art, science, design, play

Art and science are more similar than different, as I have seen from my studies and experiences around the world. My mother was a genetics professor from a family of artists; science remains the foundation of my practice while art has been a means to convey the richness of human experience. After studying molecular biology and then contemporary art, later in my twenties I went to graduate school for design because it is a way to transmit these concepts to another human being. Through empathy and often a sense of playfulness, I want to transfer wonder and curiosity, stretching the audience’s mind about what is possible.

Perception and time

Through my explorations, I have primarily concentrated on perception through our senses, which are the tools of human experience. How we perceive the world is a big factor in determining how we interact with it. I look to my studies in neuroscience and cognition to see how the brain finds patterns. I am also interested in our sense of time and how new technologies work to change old views. I work to suspend or recalibrate our concepts of time, usually by investigating future scenarios.

Redefining relationships

Our perceptions become different because of the richness of human experience. Our interpretations yield to our opinions, beliefs, ideologies, and mythologies. Our relationships with people, objects, the environment, our societies, and the world exist as they are because of how we perceive them. I wish to redefine our relationship with the planet — with ourselves, among each other, and with the environment.

New forms

My work has taken on various forms, from sculptures to drawings to installations. They have existed in different spaces, from exhibitions to workshops, from art critiques to conferences, from print to digital. My intentions for my work is to challenge our traditional views of perception, and to ignite the curiosity and playfulness of the viewer. I wish to make the viewers question the seemingly ordinary, to instill awe in both the known and the intuited, and in so doing, to make them face their common humanity. As such, many of my pieces are interactive and immersive, or collaborative and social, where the viewer becomes a part of the piece or the process.

Logo / Identity / Branding

Visual and Character Design

Public Space / Installations

Information Visualization

Service Design



(Really) Old Work

Some photographs I took and developed after high school (2001), around the time my maternal grandfather (who was a photographer) passed away from pancreatic cancer. I used his 35-mm Pentax film camera, which I still have:


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