End-of-Year 2020: How it Rolled in a Pandemic

It’s been a strange year yet I tried to make the most of it. Here is how my 2020 rolled:

• I did my lone residency outside Australia for Collaboratoire in the Philippine surfing capital of Siargao island for the Reimagining Sustainability module.

• Now in Sydney with a travel ban, I did residencies and fellowships online with the Space Art Summer School hosted by the Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics, Saari Residence, and The Curator is the Weather with 68Art Institute Copenhagen.

• One of my short stories, “Good Harvest”, won first place at the Bright21st Stories of Inspiring Futures and Alternate Realities. I wrote for or was written about in the Culture360 magazine of the Asia-Europe Foundation and Tvergastein Interdisciplinary Journal of the Environment in Norway.

• “The Weighing of the Hearts” was exhibited at das weisse haus in Vienna and The Peace Studio in the US; and “The Ephemeral Marvels Perfume Store” continues its odyssey with the Victor Papanek retrospective in the Museum del Disseny in Barcelona, the Design Museum den Bosch in the Netherlands, and C-mine design centre in Belgium. 

• The year-long virtual program of the Obama Leaders Asia-Pacific with the Obama Foundation ensued, and I had a lot of fun running Supercharge art sessions with some  of the leaders’ communities and the children of some of my fellow Obama Leaders.

• I spoke in Speculative Futures Bangkok, Speculative Futures Sydney, inVivo Conference for Planetary Health, and the University of the Underground as one of their educators for their New Politics and Afrofuturisms program.

• I now speak better German and some basic Russian. I also learned some more making skills thanks to the immense patience of the UNSW Design Futures Lab. 

• I passed Year 1 of my PhD! Hurray!

If you’ve been a part of my year at all, thank you very much! I hope 2021 gives room for more ways to make art and connect with people and make the world better for everyone. See you all next year!

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