Subversive Imagination: Art, Design and System Change at Speculative Futures Sydney

[Sydney & the Cloud] Stoked to be the finale of Speculative Futures Sydney this year! I talk imagination, design, and systems on December 8th, Tuesday, 6:30-8PM AEST. Registration needed here.

About this event:
How can we use art and design for systems change? In this interdisciplinary talk, the artist examines how human imagination can be used to examine, reflect, and change various societal systems particularly within the context of sustainability and regeneration. Through the lens of original artworks executed in various places worldwide, we will analyse how creativity may be “useful” in alleviating systems disturbances and redefining our relationship with the natural world. It includes insights on how art that subverts consumer-driven forms can be harnessed to create empathy about inaccessible topics, as well as how artistic collaborations with researchers, advocacy groups, and local communities can create discourse and instigate conversations about asking different questions about the climate crisis.

6:25 pm Virtual doors open
6:30 pm Talk beings (30-40 mins)
7:15 pm Q&A (15mins)
7:30 pm event ends

About Catherine Sarah Young
Catherine Sarah Young is a Chinese-Filipina award-winning interdisciplinary artist, designer, and writer who creates works that investigate nature, our role in nature, and the tensions between nature and technology. Trained in molecular biology, contemporary art, and interaction design, she has various artistic bodies of work which investigates climate change and our environmental futures (The Apocalypse Project), science and society (Wild Science), and Future Rx (sustainability and regeneration). She has an international exhibition, awards, and fellowship profile and works with scientists, industry, and communities, most recently in Berlin, Vienna, Beijing, and the Amazon rainforest. She writes science fiction and has been practicing taekwondo for more than twenty years. She is currently a Scientia PhD scholar at UNSW Art and Design working on climate change and sustainability and an Obama Leader for Asia-Pacific.

Update: View the talk on YouTube here.

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