Educator at the New Politics and Afrofuturism Programme at University of the Underground

I’m excited to be selected as one of the educators of the New Politics and Afrofuturism programme of the University of the Underground and Magid Magid. The tuition free programme—which will run from 19th October 2020 to March 2021—is calling for Black Radical imagination and pop-culture as powerful vehicles for propelling progressive social justice narratives to mainstream audiences, with a focus on afrofuturism, black activism, climate justice along with political theory and practice.

From the programme:

As a part of the programme, Magid along with the selected students of 14 will work together on producing meaningful experiences and interventions answering: What would a world where both people and the planet thrive look like? What would the values, systems and culture of that world be? You can join the programme as a visiting participant by registering your interest anytime on – we can than share the schedule with you. We would recommend a donation to our charity as a part of the online programme. Recommended donation is 5-10 euros a class and according to what you think you can afford. Your donation will go towards supporting the tuition-free programmes at the University of the Underground, and educators fees. We recommend 100-200 euros for a month access (or 10-15 lectures). Thank you. If you wish to donate:

The University of the Underground is a free, pluralistic and transnational university with headquarters in Amsterdam and London- and actively working with both institutions and nightlife. As a charity, the hope of the University of the Underground is to bring generations together to democratise access to public institutions and trigger changes and critical reflections through the use of creative and experiential practices.

I will speak about my interdisciplinary art practice as well as run a workshop called “Rewriting the Problematic?: Counternarratives”.

Find the full faculty list here:

Update: Watch it here.

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