The Sunset Wheel: Measuring the colors of the sunset

2017’s Death Cards Ritual Cards, which I began since all my near-death experiences and close calls, is The Sunset Wheel!

The Sunset Wheel is inspired by the cyanometer, a tool invented by Swiss physicist Horace-Bénédict de Saussure in the 18th century and used by German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt during his expeditions to South America. While the cyanometer measures the blueness of the sky, The Sunset Wheel measures the colors of the sunset. It is also inspired by my memories of the Amazon where I went on an artscience residency in July, as well as all the sunsets I’ve loved seeing since I was young.

The Sunset Wheel, versions 1 and 2

There are two versions that can be sent as postcards. One looks similar in format to the original cyanometer with a removable center so you can see the sky, and the other one is composed of two disks, where the front circle has the color wheel and the larger one behind it has a window where you can view the sky. The idea is to match a color of the sunset with a color on the wheel, and to note the number/s down.

Since 2013, I’ve been giving these types of cards to people I’ve been grateful for for the year, including family, friends, mentors, people I meet in my travels. I started out with apocalypse badges and origami Santas riding velociraptors—I like to think I get better every year. It’s fun to exercise my creativity on a tiny gratitude card. Life is short, and relationships matter most.

You can also get these on my online shop!

If you have one, feel free to enter the numbers of the colors you see below:

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