Holiday Hackathon, Day 4: Answering the Call of the Wild

The great thing about being on holiday is that I finally found time to venture future north of Singapore, where the Singapore Zoo is in. I love animals, and this rainforest zoo is definitely one of the best things about Singapore for me. My mom was a university professor in zoology (among other subjects), and I remember the textbook she used, Integrated Principles of Zoology (the edition with the deer and the blue sky on the cover). Here are some of my favorites:

I adore big cats, so this white tiger got a lot of visits from me.


I love elephants as well, and the zoo had a few of them. I learned to distinguish the species based on their ears.


They also had an elephant art school of a sort. This is a painting by an elephant:



I was lucky to spot an orangutan get into a sack and roll down as a form of play:


I was expecting these synchronized marmosets to break into a Broadway song:


Chimpanzees are fascinating to watch—they’re so smart.


And here’s a Malayan sun bear—the smallest bear in the world, and is also nicknamed the “honey bear”.


And finally, one of my favorite animals in the world: a tapir! I saw one previously, in Singapore’s Night Safari which is nearby.


The Holiday Hackathon is an exploration/discovery project of me spending my last couple of weeks in Singapore. I just finished an art/science residency, and I’m hoping that asking questions and going to new places will help me figure out that next step/project. 


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