Recruiting for The Apocalypse Crew

(Or maybe re-crew-ting for The Apocalypse Crew. Haha. Ha. Ha. Uhm. Yes. Anyway, back to this post.)

Last week, I was busy recruiting students to be exhibition attendants for our Art/Science Residency Showcase on November 10th. There are too many pieces in my part of the show that I can’t do it alone. I posted this ad in Tembusu College at the National University of Singapore, where I currently live.


I was expecting to have to beg the students, as it’s midterm crunchtime for most of them. However, I now have six awesome people who have agreed to help! And for two of them, they come with this interesting application letter:

Dear Catherine,

It is with great interest (and perhaps some desperation) that

XXXXX / Chinese Male / Year One Law / Year One Tembusu

and, I,

XXXXX / Chinese Male / Year One Architecture / Year One Tembusu

enlist as exhibition attendants for impending The Apocalypse Project.
After having read your A4 print of a woman wearing a hazmat respirator in our recently-LED-lit elevators of Tembusu (the dimly lit environment did enhance the dystopian intent of your exhibition, though making posters slightly harder to read) , here prize two eager students at your disposal.

We believe that your exhibition would prove valuable, enlightening and practical if we were to face the brink of extinction (have you yet not seen the signs?).
Perhaps we could also offer our insights during the tour, perspective of a Law and Architecture student (if our professional endeavours prove relevant, if not useful).

We will be faithful minions to your cause – to educate people in end of the world preparations, as gaily as possible.
We will be the last two remaining outlasting volunteers, lasting in resolve, even if it were the last few days to the end of the world. Last.

I hope you find our response to your conch call and enthusiasm appealing, if not incredibly weird (both strange and funny).
Hope to hear from you soon.


I replied back with a ‘yes’ and an attempt to be as clever in language—something about how I didn’t know whether to laugh or to lock the front door—and here was their reply:

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 1.52.44 AM

What crazy person wouldn’t hire these two?

On another note, I wonder what kind of emails I’ll get if I design something more complex, such as a dating service or something.

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