Architecture, Design, and Urbanization at the Future Cities Laboratory

Late this week, I had a chance to attend the mid-term exhibition of the Singapore-ETH Future Cities Laboratory, which is hosting me for the duration of my residency program here in Singapore. It was wonderful to see all the work from different modules—Low Exergy, Architecture and Construction, Digital Fabrication, Transforming and Mining Urban Stocks, Housing, Architecture and Urban Design, Urban Design Strategies and Resources, Urban Sociology, Territorial Organisation, Landscape Ecology, Architecture and Territory, Mobility and Transportation Planning, and Simulation Platform.

Below are some photos I took from the event.

One of the many exhibition tables:


Singapore Tropicana:


Researcher Marcel Bruelisauer of the Low Exergy module after explaining his design solution for cooling systems:


Professor Kees Christiaanse, Programme Leader and Module Leader, speaks at the book launch. Lots of books were introduced that day, including one of the coolest things I’ve heard of, Flight Assembled Architecture by Professor Fabio Gramazio, Professor Matthias Kohler, and Raffaello D’Andrea (see the monitor on the right).


Some very cool things made by robots:


Doctoral researcher Norman Hack in front of his module’s exhibition. Behind him are beautiful 3D pieces.


An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) used for dengue research:


A panel discussion on Simulation, Modeling, and Measuring, moderated by Dr. Matthias Berger (standing, on the right):

20130906_140434I wish more people (non-architects / designers / computer scientists / urban planners) could visit it. It’s one of the coolest labs in the world! Check out the laboratory website here.

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