The Cosplayer and the Lesson in Singapore’s Japanese Garden

Now THIS. This scene pretty much captures the contrasts I consistently find in Singapore. In Korea, most contrasts I saw were those of time—a centuries-old fortress co-existing with modern facilities, for example. In Singapore, what I find are contrasts of culture, such as this one. A cosplayer is doing a photo shoot on the left, while there is what I presume to be a class happening on the right.


I kept my distance and tried not to disturb them too much, but I was floored at what I was seeing.


I love seeing these different modes of traditional dress, especially since I don’t recall seeing much of these particular ones in Seoul, Manila, and Barcelona. I’m sure I’ve seen these in New York, but not as much as Singapore.


I had to go up to this guy and tell him how amazing I think he looked.


Oh, I do hope each field trip is a feast for the eyes.

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