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If you’re in Manila, please check out The Mind Museum, where two of my hug vests are installed on the second floor.

The Hug Vest lives! In adult and kid's sizes.

The Hug Vest lives! In adult and kid’s sizes.

I would greatly appreciate it if you take a photo of yourself wearing it, hugging someone with it, and showing the color change after the interaction. Go! Go! Go!

This Sunday, September 23rd, I’ll be presenting this project together with my other sense projects at The Mind Museum in Taguig, Manila. I absolutely LOVE this museum—its exhibits, staff, and spaceship-like architecture— so if you’re in the area, hope to see you there! There are two other speakers in the afternoon: Alex Hornstein who just launched a successful Kickstarter project, The Solar Pocket Factory, and Dr. Jerrold Garcia, a physicist who asks, “Why are we so afraid of science?”


I also have to remember that in Manila, people call me “Cathy.” It’s so strange. I’ve been “Catherine” and “Cat” for so long. (There was an anchorwoman named Cathy Yang years ago; I suppose that’s why “Cathy Young” is easier to remember.) So you know, this is still me:


Book tickets at Hope to see you!