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Finland dreaming

4 September 2020—Today marks the start of my time with the Saari Residence. Because of travel restrictions in these pandemic times, three of us have to stay at home. While I cannot express the disappointment of not being in Finland right now, I think this is an opportunity to find out how the art residency model can adapt to the new world. Great to virtually meet you all, and let’s see what magic we can make!

Saari Residents 2020

Out of the 698 applications, 26 residencies were chosen. View the article here on the Kone Foundation site.

Stoked and grateful to receive another grant from the Kone Foundation for environmentally responsible encounters. Looking forward to slow travel to reach Finland for my art residency with Saari Residence in 2020. The Trans Siberian Railway is a dream; thank you for believing in this crazy bonkers they’ll-never-pick-this-but-dreaming-was-fun idea! Let’s get our Russian, Mandarin, and Finnish on.

View the list here, and congrats to the other grantees!