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It was a special afternoon for me today as I spoke with some winners of the Kids Care About Climate Change 2021 art contest.

with Shivom and his dad

First up is Shivom from Singapore, who is 7 (AND A HALF!). His poster talks about the importance of saving trees.

artwork by Shivom O.

“If you treat a tree good, they will treat you good. They will give you more oxygen paper, fruits and medicines. Plant more tree so we can live happily. Do not pluck the leaves from the plants and let the greenery grow.” We also showed each other our plush animals.

My second meetup today is with Shaurya from Singapore, who won a People’s Choice Award. He drew something that you all know resonates strongly with me.

with Shaurya and his dad

His artwork is entitled “Heart:Body = Tree:Earth”. He says, “If you want to breathe, SAVE the trees, so that the next generation can get oxygen for free. Have you realized, HEART and EARTH are spelled with the same letters? Take care of both, before it’s too late.” Shaurya just turned 10 and wants to be a pilot and artist. (Hey, me too!) He solved a Rubik’s cube while we talked.

Artwork by Shaurya K.

I know you kids won me, but I feel that I won you. ❤

Kids Care About Climate Change 2021 is a project by fellow #TeamHB members Marji Puotinen and Colleen Filippa, and the resulting banner with all the artworks will be showcased in COP26 UN Climate Conference by Scottish Greens Senator Lorna Slater. Congratulations for receiving 2629 entries from 33 nations and 213 schools! Winners win a Zoom with the jury members, one of whom is yours truly.

It just got real for #TeamHB6! I can’t wait to be your artist at Antarctica!

From Homeward Bound:

“What better day to introduce to the world the amazing cohort of women that make up Homeward Bound’s 6th cohort? Happy #InternationalDayofWomenInScienceand Welcome #TeamHB6! This inspiring group of women are all at different stages of their careers, they work across a huge range STEMM disciplines, and are spread across the globe, but they all understand the need for more women at the table.”


I’m beyond excited to be selected for cohort 6 of Homeward Bound, a ground-breaking, global leadership initiative, set against the backdrop of Antarctica, which aims to heighten the influence and impact of women in making decisions that shape our planet. I will be joining 99 other women in STEMM, first through a virtual leadership program, followed by an expedition to Antarctica in 2022 (depending on the Covid-19 situation).

Thank you to friends and mentors who encouraged me to say yes, and to my colleagues and friends at SEAD and the Obama Leaders Asia-Pacific—my first leadership programs—to make an artist feel that she’s up for this!

I can’t wait for the journey of growth ahead. Stay tuned!