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Heejung sent me this photo of our friend Kaya jumping on my hopscotch board at the Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival (ASYAAF 2013), which ended last week.

사진 (24)

I’m neck-deep in climate change articles and meetings with a lot of brilliant people, so this was such a nice email from the life I just left. I love that beam of light on the right. It looks as though Kaya was beamed there from space.

Thank you, ladies! And I miss you, Korea!

(SEOUL)—The Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival (ASYAAF) 2013, co-organized by the Chosun Ilbo Daily and the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, is currently happening at the beautiful Culture Station Seoul 284. It features 500 art students, post-graduates, and professional artists. It runs until August 18.

If you are in town, go hop on one of my Mondrian Hopscotch boards, and check out art from all these vibrant artists 30 years old and under.



View the ASYAAF 2013 website here.

With thanks to the awesome people at Gallery LVS, especially Ms. Dain Oh for the photos.