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When I am working through creative problems, I like going out for walks. This afternoon, I went to Fort Canning Park, intending to visit the National Museum of Singapore. I wanted to say hi to a favorite art piece of mine, Suzann Victor’s “Contours of a Rich Manoeuvre,” an installation of moving chandeliers. Sadly, it was under maintenance, but when I peeked outside the entrance, I saw flying people. Specifically, there were two women swinging on the facade, and another three on a crane.

It’s the French group, Retouramont, practicing for their performance at the Singapore Night Festival.

DSC08491new DSC08554new DSC08600

They remind me of Mary Poppins. In a good way. Sychronized sky dancing by real people is definitely better than one done by chandeliers. Thank you, ladies! I needed this today.